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Women Connection Inc. offer ongoing Bible Studies, abstinence campaigns, workshop and fellowship that will enhance the lives of single mothers. 

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Twelve Women of the Bible 


​The Bible says that Leah had "weak eyes." This either meant that Leah's eyesight was hindered or that her eyes lacked the sparkle that some of he other more attractive women had.... women like her little sister, Rachel. Through the years Leah had become painfully aware of her unattractiveness. It would be comforting to think that society's obsession with physical appearance was a recent invention, but women have had to deal with this since the beginning of time.!

​Leah's life journey included not only the pain of feeling unattractive , but consistent rejection by the man she loved. Though she bore Jacob six sons and one daughter, she seemed to always feel like a second rate citizen, even in her own home. When we read her story we can feel the pain oozing from her soul.

Leah's and Rachael 's rivalry ended up bringing tension to their home and luring in the people around them. Yet in the midst of this family civil war, God showed up and cared for Leah . God saw her pain, was near her ,and blessed her.

​Leah's story captures the depths of sorrow, heartache, and longing. But it also reminds us that God is present and working in our lives in ways we may not see this side of eternity. Though her life was filled with times of sadness, Leah also bore the first son to Jacob, one of the patriarchs of the faith. She was the mother of many of his children. And Leah carried on the bloodline that would one day lead to King David and finally to the Messiah and Lord of all, Jesus.

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No place like home 

Women Connection Inc. has been operating in a home based setting offering services to unwed mothers and their children during a crisis in Galveston County /Harris County and surrounding areas. We are committed to meeting the physical and emotional needs of female-headed households while promoting higher standard if living that will be passed from generation to generation.